You Learn Something New Every Day

We’re out in the garage earlier — I’ve got my head down on the nice cool picnic table, sucking fresh air in between the puffs on Gypsy’s cigarette, and Gypsy’s explaining to Morgan about what she refers to as her “mosquito deck” of Magic cards. She goes on to say:

“You know, the mosquitos that bite you are only the females. The mosquitos that buzz are only the males. So if you’re in your bedroom in the dark and you hear the little bastard, you have nothing to worry about. But if you feel yourself get bit, you better wake up and kill the [insert nasty word here].”

After doing a bit of research on The Intarwebs, I have discovered that this oft-repeated saying is a myth. Both sexes of mosquito — though each at different frequencies to aid in mating — do, in fact, sound like buzzing to the human ear. Having never heard the myth before, I found it interesting. Having discovered the truth behind it, I know to better arm myself next time at night. In the summer. In the dark. In the swamp. In India. And now you know too.