Fiction Sale — “Diary of a Ghost’s Mistress” to Shroud

When it rains it pours, and I’ve got my umbrella flipped upside-down to catch it all!

On the heels of Horrorfind comes this sale to the awesome Michael Knost at Shroud Magazine.  Look for it in the very next issue!

This story is based on the legend of Beilstein castle in Germany (pictured right).


April 12, 1946

    You left me here, you bastard. Left me in this picturesque burg on a riverbend strewn with wretched Nazi refuse, left me weeping in this tower–the only part of this rotting castle that’s still in one piece. Godforsaken, as Mama would say. This country, this town, this pile of crumbling rocks, me. I miss Mama. I hear her sometimes, in the back of my head. Sit up straight. Don’t overcook the chicken. Chew your food. Smell the roses. Smile into the sunshine.

     I hear you too. Telling me to be strong; telling me I’m going to be all right; telling me I’m your princess. I wake up to your voice every morning, whispering "Maddie" in my ear, and every morning I open my eyes to nothing. I know I’m depressed, and I understand that you’re never coming back, but I want you to be there in that second–just for a second–so I can yell at you.