Post-con Princess

This is the scene in my dining room.

It’s looked this way for a week now, because I came home sick from Dragon*Con AND I’M STILL SICK. I’m a healthy person. I’m not used to these illnesses that take two weeks to clear up. After seven days I have to admit…this is driving me nuts. Granted I’ve caught up on pretty much all the TV I’ve ever wanted to watch — my two new favorite shows are "Castle" and "Lie To Me" — Nathan Fillion just makes us authors look GOOD, and Tim Roth is, well, TIM ROTH, only he Hugh Lauries it up a bit.

There’s a Dragon*Con Top Ten post coming. I have notes and everything. I’ve even started writing it. But I also have to get back to other work, and I don’t want to leave you guys hanging.

So here are my pics from yes, the Best Dragon*Con Evar, and here are my best friend and Con Roomie Chris McCormick’s. The Sideshow was standing room only. The Hour With Sherrilyn Kenyon had over 1000 people. Our signing lasted two hours. The parade was marvelous.

And I still maintain it was worth every minute of my current misery.