Fiction Sale — “The Monster & Mrs. Blake” to Story Station

Hooray! Just got notified that "The Monster & Mrs. Blake" has sold to The Story Station! (

has a story up there now.) I’m super-excited about this one, because it’s one of my absolute favorite stories…and it’s for kids!!

Summary: Jeremy Blake has a big imagination. He’s eleven years old. He has a monster under his bed. And the monster’s getting bigger.  He’s too ashamed to tell any of his friends or his father about it, but he finally confesses the details to his mother…who knows a lot more about dealing with monsters than Jeremy ever dreamed.

I liked Story Station because their guidelines said they wanted "stories like Goonies," and that’s just awesome. No details yet on when the story will go live — I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.  Squee!!! I really can’t wait. You guys are going to LOVE this one.