Fiction Sale — "Poor Man’s Roses" to Apex Magazine

Yay! I sold a story to Jason Sizemore at Apex Magazine called “Poor Man’s Roses.” It’s a 2400-word dark science fiction tale set in the near-apocalyptic far future. It’s also a total homage to Patsy Cline.

I dedicate it to my fellow author and BFF Kelli Dunlap, who inspired me to come up with the idea (the woman being bled by her husband stuff, not the Patsy Cline stuff. I take full responsibility for that part).

I should have a contest to see how many Patsy Cline references people can guess. Of course, by now I’ve forgotten how many I actually crammed in.

Turns out, Jason was so excited about this story, he’s going to run it in the October issue. I’ll be sure to post a link when it’s out!