Sk8er Girl: In a Post MJ World

Kitti announced a last-minute impromptu skate nite last night, and since I desperately needed another activity that wasn’t running I jumped all over it. It seems horrid to say, but Michael Jackson’s death improved the quality of the music at the rink. I knew maybe 30% of the songs this time, instead of the usual 10%. Shame, though, that they wimped out and cut off "Smooth Criminal" right after the "bloodstains on the carpet" line. Idjits. But Kitti and I still had fun, so I’m not complaining. But the day they actually PLAY a Green Day song I will have a flippin’ party.

And despite being wary about how I’d feel, my knees held up quite well. I concentrated on my form (not doing anything fancy) and I skated admirably for over an hour.

I did not, however, skate THIS admirably: