Notes from the Weeds

I had an amazing time at my first Necon. And as "amazing" is not nearly enough to describe it, look for a retrospective post coming soon. If you’re impatient, all my Necon pics are live. If you start with the first one and page through, it makes for a pretty nifty travelogue.

The Breakfast Club: Bob, Kelli, Mary, Joe, Princess Alethea, Dickie, and Bandleader Jack Haringa

I also came out from under my rock because I couldn’t forget to tell you that I have a live interview today with Jerrod Balzer at The Metal Crypt @ 3:30 EST. I’m a cute little author in a sea of some seriously hardcore performers…I’m listening to the podcast with Shadowside‘s Dani Nolden right now. That is one seriously beautiful and talented Brazillian woman. And she has the best hair.