With friends like these, who needs Con reports?

The first two years I attended Mo*Con, the Machines of the Universe gave me something I didn’t know I needed. This time, it was Kelli Dunlap’s turn. And I helped. You can read her beautiful summary here.

We had fun (as usual), we ate like kings (as usual), I took lots of pictures (as usual)…and then there was the Watermelon Dance. No one is ever going to remember what happened at this convention, simply because I was lucky enough to have a camera and catch Maurice being goofy in his natural habitat. The original video has 200 or so views already, and it hasn’t been up for 24-hours yet.

But the piece de resistance is this remix video by Doug Warrick and Kyle Johnson, the Jay & Silent Bob of the Horror genre (pictured in the background). I snorted my iced tea when I watched this. Please put all drinks down before pressing "PLAY."