Where to find me this weekend

…cause it sure as heck won’t be on any panels! I’m attending Penguicon incognito. Of course, I’ve been dragged onto panels before…I don’t mind so much. But planning to work is never fun.

If you’d like to keep up with me these next few days, I’ll be doing mini-blogs for Fantasy Magazine (can I write something that’s only 250 words long?) so be sure to click on over there every night…or, most likely, the morning after. You know, in case I get swept away singing karaoke, dancing like an idiot, or hanging out with zombie rollerderby girls until 2am.

You can also follow @fantasycon on Twitter for updates, or me (@AletheaKontis), but my Tweeting will be minimal, as I don’t have one of those fancy iPhones. I’m holding out as long as humanly possible. Or until I sell my novel. Whichever comes first.

Better get dressed now and go catch my plane. See you at the con!