Beauty & Dynamite Available on Fictionwise

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Meet Alethea Kontis, a self-proclaimed Genre Chick whose life is an adventure that tears through these pages like a hurricane. Carrot-a-day cancer cures and Murphy as a guardian angel (yes, that Murphy, the guy with all those irritating laws) are just a part of the daily routine for the Incredible Whirlwind of Beauty and Dynamite, the force of nature masquerading in human form. Through essays, poetry, and commentary from family, friends, and famous authors alike, a world of Blood Oaths and road trips, broken hearts and mended cars, comes alive with the strength of one woman’s conviction that the world is there to be befriended. You have now been introduced. Let your adventure begin.

Don’t forget, you can always get the pretty-picture-filled hard copy straight from the publisher. (He might even have some signed ones left, if you’re lucky!)