Why I’m Glad I’m on Facebook, #675

Best slumber party ever. New Year’s Eve, the night of the blue moon. I wasn’t even feeling that well, but I went anyway because it was the five of us, the NT’s (non-twits). We made cookies, and Jesse had her guitar so we sang about leaving on jet planes, and at midnight we went outside and laid in the grass and tried to commune with the dead, or lift each other with our fingers or something…that part gets a bit fuzzy. I think I might even have my party favor cracking the binding of the green journal I used that year. I even remember the song we made up that night.

"Trish, Lee, Margo, Casey & Me…we’re having just as much fun…as could be-eee-eee." Yes, we were horrible writers even then. But we were writers.

Those were the days: Jesse, Me, Trish, Margo, & Casey