Sk8er Girl: Ice Capades

Okay…I lied about it being cold outside and warm in the rink. It was SO incredibly frigid at the Skate Center last night, that one of the girls wore her hat and scarf the whole time. I still broke a sweat while skating, but all our timeouts were shortened considerably, because if you stayed still for too long, your nose started to ice over. And we needed more rest periods this time around, most of us having already skated our tucuses off not 4 days ago. As emphasised by the birthday, we’re not getting any younger.

The Triplets (Lillie & Kitti & Me) were in attendance last night, joined by our fabulous Guest Star CARLIE, who we’ve been trying (and wheedling and cajoling) to get to come since day one. I’m so glad it finally worked! Carlie learned to appreciate the value of speed skates early on — I’m wondering now about keeping my same boot but looking into custom wheels.

Tracy and Jenny were not with us, unfortunately — they were gearing up for their Big Road Trip. Yessiree…as I write this our girls are Washington D.C.-bound, and headed for the inauguration! I can’t wait to hear all of Tracy’s stories from the road…let’s hope she and Jenny will still be able to stand each other in a week’s time.