Happy Days meme: Day One

Mary Robinette Kowal tagged me on her blog:
The rules on this one are simple. For 8 days, post 1 thing every day that made you happy.

David Tauriainen, a friend of mine from Mo*Con, had asked me to sign a copy of AlphaOops for his niece Alexandra. I did it up in true Lee-Signature style, along with a note I wrote to Alexandra wishing her a happy holidays.

And then David sent me this gorgeous picture. It completely made my day.

Alexandra said of AlphaOops: "That’s the book where the Alphabet gets all mixed up! But it’s okay at the end."

Remember when you were a kid, how great it was to get letters to you in the mail? I bet you know a kid like that…and it wouldn’t take you five minutes to make their day. In fact, instead of tagging people to do this meme, I ask you to sit down and write one letter. Snail mail. Yes, with a stamp and everything.

Bonus points if you 1.) write in multiple colors, 2.) illustrate the envelope, and 3.) decorate the letter/envelope with stickers.