Sk8er Girl: Week Five: New Skates

…and a new lj profile pic to go with them! Yay!

It was like magic. I was the wind on magic skates. My new skates weigh about 50 lbs less than the house skates, the ankle support is amazingly stiff (I look forward to breaking them in), and THEY HAVE PURPLE WHEELS. How can you not be magic with purple wheels? I hit that floor and remembered what it was like all those years ago, back when I *could* skate. I didn’t feel like a 32-year-old woman afraid of breaking something. I was the wind, on magic skates. And I danced.

I was worried about myself after the lethargy of two weeks ago, but last night I had new energy to go along with my skates. Tamela joined our grrrl party (she’s already picked out her Roller Derby name…I still haven’t found one that quite speaks to me), which made for a happy family since Tracy sat this week out. She had a really bad fall last week, so she’s sitting out until after Thanksgiving. Kitti was still there, sporting her tie-dye rainbows, Lillie tried out Tracy’s skates in her absence (she tried mine too – how else is she supposed to find a pair she likes?), and Jenny came dutifully straight from work, poor thing. Had to eat pepperonis and pickles from the concession stand for dinner. Blech. I still haven’t broken down and bought anything from the concession stand yet. Maybe that can be next trip’s adventure.

I did, however, put in my [way more than] two cents regarding the songs that should be played on the upcoming ADULT SKATE NIGHT (Be there! Sunday December 7th, 7-10pm, Smyrna Skate Center!) I was grumbling about how they rarely ever play songs I like (oh, when I hear Gloria Gaynor or Carrie Underwood my bootie is shaking on the rink), but I figured the same rules of life still applied. If I didn’t vote, I couldn’t complain. And how could I give up complaining about lyrics like "If you text me / I’ll delete it"? NEVAH.

I went through my iTunes and selected a fine list of Alternative rock (heavy on Foo Fighters, Gorillaz, and Green Day), punk, ska, UK Wuss Rock (thank you, nihilistic_kid ), and classic good 80’s stuff like Tears for Fears and Crowded House. I even suggested a Madonna song! (and no, none of the ones you’re thinking of.) I have faith that none of it will get played. But I’ll still have fun, and I’ll still be out there gliding along to the music. At the very least, I’ve just made myself a lovely new car CD or two.

So…if you had a skate night, what would you like to listen to?

Every Thursday is like a slumber party. Without the pillows.