Go On, Win Some Stuff!

Because I know all you lovely people have voted already:

It’s time for Apex’s Annual Post-Halloween Raffle!

We’ve pulled from our high-security cellar vaults some the most fiendishly delightful goodies you’ve ever seen, like free fiction critiques, ARCs of as-yet unavailable books signed by the authors, valuable rare books worth more than $50, a steampunk classic with zepplins–REAL ZEPPLINS!–doodled by the author himself, and the only Maurice Broaddus Quintuple Threat Pack in existence!

Don’t waste a minute! Get your raffle tickets now! There’s just too much good stuff to miss out! Happy Post-Halloween!

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Dolly’s Imagination Library

Check out all the items up for raffle here!

Apex Loves You