Sk8er Girl: Week Three: Little Devil’s Night

Sk8er Grrls: Kitti, Lee, & Lillie

In hindsight, I should have thrown my wings in the backseat. At least then I would have been prepared for Halloween Skate Night! I figured it would be our usual crowd of nobody–and less than nobody because Cherie and the gang had popped off to the Brentwood Roller Rink for the evening. Turns out, Rock Springs Elementary was having a Halloween costume bash. The costumes were great! And we had fun right alongside them.

I didn’t try out speed skates, because the skill level had gone up quite high — do you know how hard it is to NOT hit kids barreling at you on wheels from all directions? Kitti and I decided that we needed to make a skating video game, with Halloween Party being the highest level. Watch out for Optimus Prime! Here comes the Japanese fairy!And there’s the three-foot Dorothy Gale, like a pigtailed, pinafored heat-seeking missile, headed right for you and ready to dive in your path. But wait…now there’s TWO OF THEM!

My knee is killing me today, but I didn’t fall, not once. (Which is probably why my knee hurts more, from dodging flying kids.) And no blisters this time — I brought insoles and wore only one pair of socks, since Stacy passed along the advice that two socks aid in magic blister manufacturing.

Next week: Speed Skates
Today: Halloween!

Best costume of the night…AND she won the race!