Princess Me-a

Bar names are OUT.
Starbucks names are IN.

You know what I mean. The barrista chipperly asks for your name when you’re the only customer in the whole place, apart from the guy on the laptop and the guy reading the Wall Street Journal, both of whom are starting to collect dust. So who am I going to be today? "Princess Leia," I said to her. She giggled, and turned to her coworkers, laughing about how honored she was to be serving royalty as she scribbled the name onto the clear plastic cup.

"Grande Pumpkin Spice Frappucino blended coffee for Princess Leia," she announed five minutes later. (How long do you think it will be before we have barrista droids?) I picked up my beverage, brimming over with yummy cinnamon-sprinkled whip cream, and thanked her with a smile. As I walked to my car I looked down and realized…I am a geek. Not only that, I am apparently an OLD geek.

"Laya"? Isn’t that like misspelling "Jesus"?