Me & Jenny Hime

The lovely agent extraordinare Jenny Rappaport is currently reading Beauty & Dynamite, and she asked me to please write an essay for the "Book Block" feature on her blog, LIT SOUP. In return, I asked her to say a few words of her own. I didn’t realize they were going to make me cry.

Alethea is a magic fairy princess of a person. She is incredibly human and honest; she tells you how things fall like she sees them, all with just the slighest bit of gentility as befits a Southern gal. She has the best accent, one I can’t even begin to replicate, but which probably comes from her having been raised in a Greek family that’s lived in both Vermont and South Carolina, among other places. She’s funny and kind and always spares an ear to listen. Oh, and she’s a kick-ass writer too.

She was my gateway drug to Doctor Who, has convinced me to voluntarily eat green chiles in cornbread, and owns the coolest house. She’s also the only person in the world who is allowed to call me Jenny-Hime. I love her dearly.

Her book is well worth reading.

Read the rest of Jenny’s intro, and my essay, here.

Me & Jenny-Hime, World Fantasy Convention, Austin 2006