Ridley Pearson, Party of Five

So…we’re talking at lunch, right? (Ridley Pearson = hugely SUPER nice guy, btw) We all really hit it off, and there was never a lull in the conversation. Ridley and I are talking when they bring my salad before the meal. (Okay, *I* am talking.) And because there is little room on this table, I take Killer View (his new hardcover) off the table so they can set my salad down. (I’m still talking. Because I can multitask, right?) This creates a dilemma because the book is now in my lap, and my napkin is under my silverware. So I (still talking) economically swap them out and attend to my salad.

When I finish whatever the heck I’m going on about, Ridley says, “Does anyone have a cameraphone?” Well, I’ve brought my camera of course so I whip it out, flattered that he might want pictures of all of us. “…because in my 25 (or however long) years of touring, I’ve never actually seen anyone use my book as a napkin. I need to put this on my blog.”
So yes. Ridley Pearson loves me, and I’m going to be in his blog. Not because I researched him on the internet all morning and learned about his adopted daughter and his trip to China, not because I am a stunningly beautiful Ingram buyer and stellar conversationalist, not because we are fellow NYT bestselling authors…but because I completely, unthinkingly, used his book as a napkin.
I am Bridget Jones incarnate. That’s all there is to it.