Tea in Space & Bright Yellow Silly Putty

Our inaugural “Tea in Space” podcast is now live HERE — join us for honey vanilla white chai as the Genre Chicks of Ingram discuss Kresley Cole’s Dark Needs at Night’s Edge. Twelve minutes in the company of four sassy, beautiful and intelligent women…what better way is there to spend your time?

Also…I overdid it last night. Which was stupid, because my Physical Therapist and I had *just* had the discussion about overdoing exercise while on the road to recovery (usually in a misguided effort to make onesself recover faster).

I am not misguided (as I usually am), I was just having a lot of fun with this bright yellow silly putty that he gave me to work out my hand. It’s SILLY PUTTY! It’s BRIGHT YELLOW! It’s about the sweetest thing ever next to blowing bubbles. How could that not make you happy? I’m smiling just thinking about it.

So I sat and watched Alias while I was eating my dinner last night, and then  started toying around with the putty, practicing some things he taught me so I could commit them to memory…and suddenly the episode was over, and I pulled my thumb through the putty and thought…ouch

I passed out at 7:00pm because I was in so much pain, and slept the whole night through.
I’m wearing my wrist brace today.
Silly is right.