Official Alethea Kontis Newsletter — October 2007

Hi, everybody!

It has been SUCH a busy and crazy summer. I’ve traveled the USA from coast to coast and back again: LA, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Vermont, Florida…this weekend is K-Con in New Orleans and next is World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. Whew! But I’ve had so much fun reconnecting with old friends and making new ones…it’s been well worth the exhaustion.

Of course, when these newsletters come so few and far between, there is so much to catch up on! So let’s get to it:


The Dark Hunter Companion is almost here! The encyclopedia to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s bestselling Dark-Hunter Universe, the Companion is your Hunter 101. Curl up in a comfy chair with some millennium-old scotch and feast upon the informative banquet I have prepared for your enjoyment. Read an excerpt HERE.

Look for it at a lovely bookstore near you on November 13th. Or, you can support the Codex Writer’s Group and preorder the Dark-Hunter Companion from Amazon using THIS LINK.


How time does pass…this December 26th will be the third anniversary of the horrific tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia. We have heard from the publisher that proceeds from Elemental: the Tsunami Relief Anthology have totaled over $6000 for Save the Children’s efforts in that area of the world.

Steven Savile and I both would like to once again extend our thanks for the overwhelming support of this fabulous science fiction and fantasy anthology: to the authors and the publisher for all their efforts, and to you for buying a copy and making your dollars count. You guys rock.

Elemental is still available in paperback HERE.


Oops, they’ve done it again! That’s right, folks — the illustrious AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First will have a sequel — AlphaOops: H is for Halloween. Now here’s where I break your heart and tell you that H is for Halloween won’t be available until Halloween 2009.

Bob Kolar, Candlewick Press, the Alphabet Players, and I are hard at work getting ready for this next production. In the interim, be sure to spread the word about AlphaOops to all your friends and family. And be sure to visit the Official AlphaOops Website — read up on the cast members and play a few games!

Purchase AlphaOops on Amazon HERE.


The much-anticipated Issue #11 of Apex Digest will be shipping soon — including stories from Brian Keene, Joy Marchand, Sara Genge, and my essay “Curses of Nature.”

Get your subscription to Apex Digest HERE.

While you’re at it, enter to win some seriously cool stuff in the Apex Halloween Raffle HERE. (A percentage of all proceeds will go to the National Center for Family Literacy)


Stephen Euin Cobb’s October podcast is now available online at The Future and You. This month’s installment features Senator (and presidential candidate) John McCain, Eric Flint, Jack McDevitt, Doctor Aubrey de Grey…and ME! (Which one of these things is not like the other?) The best part is, I don’t sound like a complete moron. Hooray!!


Okay…so I have to take some space and brag a little about my beautiful and awesome and talented (and newlywed – congrats Soteria and Charles!) sister, Soteria Kontis. For those of you who subscribe to VOGUE Magazine (or while you’re standing in line at the checkout), turn to page 270 in this month’s issue and check out Soteria’s Southern Gothic crystal and cross choker. Woohoo! Vogue! And Charlize Theron is on the cover!

If you’re not convenient to the 192 King Street store, you can always virtually browse Dixie Dunbar Studio’s original creations at the official Dixie Dunbar Studio Website.


While I’m at it, let me also plug the very first book released by brand-spanking-new publisher Meadowhawk Press out of Memphis. Edited by my good friend Jackie Gamber, the debut fantasy anthology Touched By Wonder is a meaty collection of inspirational and thought-provoking stories. The especially wonderful part — a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Breast Cancer Research and Awareness.

Even better, during the month of October (which just so happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Meadowhawk is offering free shipping on all orders of Touched By Wonder. Support a great cause and a fabulous new Independent Publisher — good karma at a great discount!


Well, that’s certainly enough for now…

I also have some news concerning Apex Publications and a special project I’m working on…but there’s time for that next month. More details coming to you soon!

Much love,

(a.k.a. The Incredible Whirlwind of Beauty and Dynamite)