The Electric Company Just Ruined my Life

I got back from LA at 2am. I had told my boss I was going to sleep and come in late this morning. So I was making breakfast, when I looked out my kitchen window…and just about passed out.

While I was gone, sometime over the last 5 days, the Electric company cut down all the trees behind my back fence. And I don’t mean trimmed…I mean GONE. RAZED. To the ground. My private backyard — the thing I have always loved best about my house (and pretty much the reason I bought it), looks like crap. Now, instead of leaves, all I see are houses. I can see everyone’s house. I can even see people’s houses on the opposite side of the street behind my house.

I hate it. And I hate that I hate it. My backyard was my escape from the world. And now the world has come crashing in. I’m devastated.

I cried all morning. (I’m still weepy.) I called the electric company, and they actually sent some guys out and we had a nice conversation (everybody in TN is nice). Not like it will change anything…it’s their property and the trees aren’t going to magically come back…but I just wanted to talk to someone. I even cried in front of them. I’m still in shock. It’s just…oh my god. Those of you who have seen it wouldn’t recognize it. I have no idea what to do. I came to work because I couldn’t stop crying.

You know, when you make a life full of little things that make you happy, those little things become more vital than you think they do.

LA was beautiful — at least, Redondo and Hermosa Beach were. I had a great time, even if was only 24-hours and I threw up on the plane and had a migraine the whole time. 73 degrees with a breeze, and I got to see the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. I can’t believe I’ll be back there in 10 days for WotF. Thank god this time it will be for longer…and it will be a direct flight both ways.

But that’s later. Right now I’m just tired, and sad. And sick.
I miss my trees.