Top Ten Things Heard at Mo*Con

Top Ten things overheard at Mo*Con II:

1.) “Everyone is the hero of their own story.” –Maurice Broaddus

2.) “There are no heroes in my stories.” –Wrath James White

3.) “It doesn’t matter where they get their appetite, as long as they come home for dinner.” –Becca Hay

4.) “I grew up going to hell.” –Brian Keene

5.) “…and Brian, don’t you dare put what I just said in your blog!” –Maurice Broaddus, Alethea Kontis, various others

6.) “It’s a question of balance. You look for balance in the world, and balance in yourself.” –Gary Braunbeck

7.) “Did Gary Braunbeck just get on US for writing dark fiction?” –Maurice Broaddus

8.) “In 2000 years, there will be a religion based on Elvis.” –Wrath James White

9.) “Lord, I would like to pray for our brother Jerome Burke…” –Maurice Broaddus

10.) “I need to learn the forgiveness of Christ, ’cause I’m about to put my foot up your ass.” –Maurice Broaddus

Bonus points also go to Brian Keene for: “Well, my albatross just stomped your 12/12.” and Wrath for: “So my mom and I were at this rave…”

Look for pics, coming soon!!