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“Madness Blows the Winds of History”–Tom Piccirilli
“Blood Baby” –Jennifer Pelland
“A Place of Snow Angels” –Matt Wallace
“Genesis Six” –Shane Jiraiya Cummings
“The Death Singer” –John Rosenman
“Mommy, Daddy, and Mollie” –William F. Nolan
“Last Chance Morning” –Timothy Waldron Semple
“Babble” –MM Buckner
“Temporal Spiders, Spatial Webs” –Lavie Tidhar
“Incarnations of Immortality: Temple Part IV (Conclusion)” –Steven Savile

Parting Shot: “Worlds” –Aaron Gudmunson

“Strange and Fearful Imaginations: Rediscovering the Terror of Baron de la Motte Fouque” –Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
“Blood Oath, Take One” –Alethea Kontis

Tom Piccirilli
Kelly Link

Cover Art
Nicole Cardiff

128 pages