So, have you been to Shocklines lately?

What? You don’t know about Shocklines?
Well, let me tell you, my friend.
Remember those lovely by-gone days of the independent bookstore that had all the rare goodies…and all the geeky cashiers who shared your love of the genre?

They’re not gone–they just moved to the internet.

Shocklines has an amazing selection of collectibles: both signed, limited edition books and prints. They’ve got hardcovers of books that you probably won’t find at Barnes & Noble. They have exclusives. They have magazines. They have the perfect gift for that someone on your Christmas list who loves horror in every form. They carry Nyx Books and Apex Digest–it’s a great store.

They even have free media rate shipping for all US orders of any size.

Even better than the store–the authors hang out there too. Visit the Shocklines Message Board to chat with your favorite authors about books and movies and everything else under the sun.

Visit Shocklines. Indulge. Hang out. Tell a friend.
And when you make your purchase, be sure to tell tell Matt that Alethea sent you.

PS — Happy birthday, baby.