AlphaOops in School Library Journal

School Library Journal

Gr 1-2
Letter A starts to introduce itself and is interrupted by activist letter Z, demanding fair and equal turns at going first, wary of its last place in line, and followed in backwards order by letters Y, X, W, and (oops!) P. Soon all harmony disappears out the window, with the bickering letters and their accompanying words. Letter A remains disgruntled, and letter V insists on a second turn. Turmoil grows until letter A blossoms with not one, but a whole spread of words beginning with its sound. Digitally created googly-eyed letters with stick arms and legs, washed in bold colors, animate the alphabet with personality and emotions. Letter R performs a parody of “Singing in the Rain,” letter B is suspended from big beautiful balloons, letter Y knits a yarn cap, and a Sendak “Wild Thing” look-alike represents the letter M. Plenty of details to absorb, colorful images to grab the eye, and a confused letter template running below the action create alphabet antics for early readers. A fun addition.

-Mary Elam, Forman Elementary School, Plano, TX
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