The Car Window Epiphany

It was a gorgeous day, too gorgeous to experience in the confines of a car. I rolled the window down part way…and then rethought my decision after immediately experiencing the wind and the noise that resulted. Defeated, I rolled the window back up…and learned something new.

Fairy GodBoyfriend: Did you fart?

Princess: Excuse me?

FGB: Did you fart?

Princess: No. Why?

FGB: You rolled the window down and back up again. That’s what guys do when they fart in a car.

Princess: (explodes into laughter)

You know, I’ve seen people roll car windows up and down my whole life, and it has never occurred to me that there was a common cause. What an innocent little princess I am. I’m not sure I ever gave much thought as to a cause at all. Now, every time someone rolls down a window, I’m going to be suspect.

I do love these little epiphanies.

3 Responses to “The Car Window Epiphany”

  1. Qweequeg Says:

    Bahahahaaaa! That is hilarious on so many levels.

  2. lauren in ingramland Says:

    i wonder what FGB’s response would have been if you’d answered his question with a “yes”? thanks for sharing your epiphany–i never knew that guy code either!

  3. Mom Kontis Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t learn that from your Dad. That’s where I learned it!

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