Ceci N’est Pas Une Démocratie

It was bound to happen eventually, and what once before went without saying now, apparently, needs to be said.

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my website. Browse through my galleries. Get lost in the hedge maze. Pick flowers in my garden. But please remember: This is not a democracy. Your free speech rules do not apply here. I am The Princess, and all ways about here belong to me. I will not tolerate malicious comments, toward myself or other people who frequent my site and choose to comment here. I am a benevolent ruler, but I am not afraid to strike down any who threaten to oppose me.

I have a Brute Squad, and they are always chomping at the bit for a good smiting. Please know that if you are the subject of said smiting, it will not be performed in a public forum. So if you are here to wave your flag about, you have come to the wrong place. I wear the tiara in this town. If you do not like what I post or the way I post it, you are free to take your bile elsewhere.

With love,

Princess Alethea

5 Responses to “Ceci N’est Pas Une Démocratie”

  1. Tillman Smoot Says:

    Speaking as one of your Brute Force, I do not understand how anyone can come to such a gentle blog as this one and post hateful comments. This is one of my favorite blogs, simply because it’s a sweet, well mannered one.

    Please respect the princess, or she might turn me loose, and I’m too busy teaching my Siamese cat how to dismember a man in three angry swipes to be let off my leash.

    All my love to the Princess.

  2. Princess Alethea Says:


    I adore you.

  3. DA Kentner Says:

    This is your domain (pun intended) and we travel your lands at your generosity, under your sovereignty.
    While ogres may reveal themselves from under a stone bridge on occasion, they are the exception, and require but one blow of the delete button to silence their incongruity.
    Yeah. Off with his head!
    Even the most gentle must now and then exchange the rose for a blade.

  4. Jusy Says:

    The Princess has spoken. If you got bile to spew, do it on your own site.

  5. Tamara L Says:

    Thou shalt not upset, irritate, or otherwise offend the Princess. Violators shall be eaten, and not in a nice way. So says the Demon Cat.

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