ENCHANTED now in Paperback!

I am proud to announce the birth of MY VERY FIRST NOVEL OUT IN PAPERBACK today!

Please buy ten copies for yourself and a few for all your friends. Make sure your local library has one, and your school library, and your kid’s classroom. Then tell everybody you know.  WE CAN HIT THE NEW YORK TIMES, PEOPLE!

Also, the book is GORGEOUS.

The paperback of ENCHANTED makes its pre-release debut!

...and a REALLY great quote on the front.

Some really great quotes on the back...

Get Enchanted in paperback on Amazon now for only $8.00!

If audio is more your style, don’t feel left out: the Audie Award-nominated Enchanted audiobook is now only $8.99!

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Happy Release Day to Me!

In honor of today’s release of AlphaOops: H is for Halloween, John Scalzi invited me to be his Big Idea for the day. In a very short & cute essay I cover the Big Idea behind AlphaOops in general and about H is for Halloween specifically. I explain exactly why my dedication reads the way it does.  I confess my loathing for alphabet books. And I thank a few people. Want some irreverence for your Tuesday morning? Check it out here. Please leave a comment so John knows you stopped by.

And ask for AlphaOops: H is for Halloween at your local bookstore or library TODAY!!
Viva la revolucion!

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