Discovery of Dad

For those of you who may not have seen this–a number that seems to be dwindling since the Discovery Channel seems to be running this episode of “Future Weapons” like there’s no tomorrow–here is the section of the show about Knights Armament’s PDW. My fabulous & famous Dad shows up TWICE in interview!

He’s just so photogenic and such a great speaker. I hope to be just like him someday! (Only with less facial hair.)

For those curious, the weapon in question is still in development, and not available in the civilian market.

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Farewell Discovery

I was watching live on NASA TV while my dad was taking this picture from his front yard.

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Not the Last, Just the Latest

The lovely Sara Larson recently pointed me in the direction of this video from Discovery of the birth of a fabled unicorn.

I wonder how Unicorno’s doing now. He was born a few years ago. Anyone heard of a follow-up? And more importantly…did the horn he shed have healing properties?


Discovery News: Legend met reality recently as Italian researchers discovered a deer with a rare abnormality – a single antler growing from the middle of its head. Rossell Lorenzi tracks the find.
Air Date: 6/17/10
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