Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 25

Episode 25: “The Marvelous Minstrel”

The Marvelous Minstrel…or perhaps the PSYCHOPATH MINSTREL, because seriously…this guy is a jerk. The ASPCA would *not* approve. And, quite frankly, neither do I.

Check out Princess Alethea’s Rant about this fairy tale HERE.

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Star-Crossed Princess

Beauty & DynamiteLynda K. Scott hosted me on her “Star-Crossed Romance” blog, which features Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance.

Of course, my essay took the subject for a spin, and I decided to discuss magic and romance in the real world…as outlined by the first volume of my memoirs, Beauty & Dynamite.

Beauty & Dynamite will be released mid-April from Alliteration Ink in a completely revised and updated edition. I’m so excited!

There is not a preorder link up yet, but rest assured, I will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Click here to read my essay!



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Starting right now — 12:00pm CST — you (and all your friends!) may vote for my bracket in the DABWAHA. Click here: , vote for Hero, and do it quick! Voting for this bracket ends at midnight tonight.

Thank you all so much…to me you are all BIG DAMN HEROES.


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Princess Alethea Rants “Joys and Sorrows”

This fairy tale is NOT what you think it’s about. It’s actually much, much worse.

Enjoy my facial expressions for this one…and I’ll see you back in DC!

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Blue Hair and Brave Tailors

A new Fairy Tale Rant went live today…in which Princess Alethea debuted her New Blue Hair!

Check it out (and hear about “The Brave Little Tailor”) — enjoy and share!

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Princess Alethea Featured on Wattpad

"The Monster & Mrs. Blake" by Alethea Kontis, cover art by FuseliI am so excited that my short story “The Monster & Mrs. Blake” is a Featured Story on Wattpad this week!

This story is suitable for all ages, would make a great PIXAR movie, and was originally meant to be read aloud as a podcast, so I highly encourage you to read it aloud to your children. Preferably before they go to bed tonight. 🙂

Click here, or on the cover illustration at the right to read the story (for free!) on Wattpad.


And yes, my memory of this Far Side comic was indeed one of the inspirations for the story:

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In Which I Have a Problem With Reality

Over at the Waterworld Mermaids today, I discuss my present issue with Reality.

I do encourage you to pop on by. I could really use the advice.

Click here to read “The Harsh Light of Day.”

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Princess Alethea Rants “Sweetheart Roland”

Episode 21: In Which Princess Alethea Rants about the Grimms’ fairy tale “Sweetheart Roland”…a title which is annoying in itself, since this fairy tale isn’t even *about* Roland. It’s about the girl who loves him.

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Angela Slatter Interviews Princess Alethea

Princess Alethea, Jan 20149. You travel a lot for appearances and cons – how do you organise your life to fit in writing, relaxing, family, all the other stuff?



(Click here to read the reat of the interview!)

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