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A Fresh from her Tony Award-winning role as the title character in The Scarlet Letter, A is thrilled to take the supporting role in AlphaOops. “I love being part of the finale,” she said. “I never had so much time to prepare before.”
You may know him as half of the band formerly known as The B-G’s. He’s currently the lead singer of The B-Sides, whose latest album "B Season" hit platinum in its first week of release. The Alphabet Players are very excited that B could join them in this production before his band's World Tour this fall. B
C Best-known for his moving portrayal of the ocean in The Old Man and the C, C has also worked for NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and C-SPAN. A great fashionista and onetime confidant of Coco Chanel, C remains a spokesmodel for the company to this day. When asked for his impressions of the opening night of AlphaOops, the letter quipped "It was a sight to C!"
A longtime friend of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, D can often be found riding horseback on his ranch or hanging out with his pal, Denzel Washington. D
E The cheerleader of AlphaOops, E is best known for her long, drawn-out appearances in popular horror movies. “Her enthusiasm is contagious,” says A.
A regular on afterschool special report cards, F is thrilled at the opportunity that AlphaOops has given her to explore her feminine side. F
G G started her career rating children's movies, then moved into more mature movies, rating them with her friend P. She enjoys flower gardening with her best friend and longtime stage companion, Garry the Green Gorilla.
A staple of the stage, the Alphabet Players are honored to be joined by “Dame Aitch.” Always one to give a solid and unvarying performance, the younger letters have learned much from her. “She has been a true mentor,” S said of H. “I mean to stick by her as much as I can.” H
I After failing to land a lead role in the cast of TEAM, I became a household name his eponymous one-man show. Historically known for his aloof independence, it was a surprise to the Alphabet Players when he proposed to U after the last curtain call. Matchmaking Z takes all the credit: “I’ve always said if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put those two together.”
Once arrested for walking across the street, the ever famous “Man in Black” has decided to take roles that better suit his personal style and Jest for life. Off stage, eagle-eyed watchers have spotted him jamming in nightclubs with B. B. King or Bo Diddley, earning him the nickname “Blue J.” J
K Ever the athletic one, K spends most of his spare time at baseball games, where he enjoys keeping score. His favorite part is watching strikeouts.
Consultant to the stars, L has helped luminaries such as Reese Witherspoon (for her role as Miss Woods in Legally Blonde). A longtime lover of sweets, it is said that L knows exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, but she’ll never tell. L
M Received a Red Letter Award for his performance as Auntie M in the off-off-off-Broadway production of The Wizard of A-Z. Currently M and the noted insect actor Danaus Plexippus share the title role in critically acclaimed revival of the play M. Butterfly.
Although Nu to Greek-speaking readers, N will doubtless be familiar to most English speakers from his role in such movies as "Frankie n' Johnny" and "Bonnie n' Clyde." N
O O is an exceptionally well-rounded letter. Sometimes mistaken for naught, O is quite the musician. You can find him at the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner and several Christmas songs.
Often mistaken thanks to the computer craze as a rude expression, P is actually one of the more refined letters and is both Popular and Prestigious. P
Q In addition to her role in AlphaOops, Q is also the production’s props mistress and costumer. A huge science fiction fan, schoolchum Gene Roddenberry paid tribute to Q by naming his infamous annoying omnipotent character after her. During the summer weekends she is often found at conventions, but is rarely recognized beneath her award-winning, elaborate costumes.
Well-versed in some 27 languages and their various dialects, R is the Henry Higgins of the Alphabet Players. R has lately been seen coaching Johnny Depp for his infamous role as Captain Jack Sparrow, and he was recently made the swarthy Poster Boy for National “Talk Like a Pirate” Day. R
S S is pleased to join the Alphabet Players after his latest role in the summer blockbuster Superman Returns. His memoir S&S about his close, personal relationship with director Bryan Singer, will be published by Simon and Schuster next Summer.
T is one of the most internationally popular letters of the alphabet cast. The southern US thinks he’s cool and sweet. The British think he’s hot and have raved about him for years, even dedicating a time of day in his honor. As did his friends the golfers—when T’s not on stage, he is most often found on the green sporting argyle socks and a putter. T
U U also spends much of her time in England, making special appearances in such words as "honour" and "favour." Inspired by her independent fiancé, U feels confident that standing alone in the spotlight is where she belongs.
A poster child for anger management issues, V recently spent a lot of time in the company of Hugo Weaving, discussing his role in V for Vendetta. V
W W is really a pair of sisters, conjoined U's, who have overcome their disability with flair. The sisters often flip themselves backwards to see if people are paying attention, but so far no one's noticed. They are best friends with E, for together, "WE" can do anything!
A genius and professor at a prestigious private academy, some of you may remember X from her small but pivotal role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. “There are no small parts,” says X, “only small players.” X
Y Known “because we like you” in the famous Mickey Mouse song, Y is ready to start fresh and explore a new image. He is currently working with Brian Vaughn on a musical adaptation of Y: The Last Man.
Z is very excited to be in his first starring role, having moved up from the sleepy chorus line. But after AlphaOops, don’t expect Z to remain in the spotlight for long. “What I really want to do,” says Z, “is direct.” H


  AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First. Text Copyright © 2006 Alethea Kontis. Illustrations Copyright © 2006 Bob Kolar.
To be published in Fall 2006 by Candlewick Press, Inc.