Her Majesty’s Dead Robots

Okay, first…can I just say…now that I’ve written the title to this blog post, I really want to go write the short story that goes along with it. *sigh*

What the title ACTUALLY references is my guest spot on Justin Macumber’s Dead Robots’ Society podcast.

I had a GREAT time talking to Justin and Paul and Terry last night — that’s right, LAST NIGHT. Apparently, when Justin said, “I’ll get this edited and on the site right away,” what he meant was, “within the hour.”

So I don’t even really have time to waste talking up this really fun live interview (in which I talk about my birth as a writer, my fairy tale of getting published, and my hatred for being called “ALTHEA”). Let’s just skip all the hype and go straight to the main event, shall we?


Warning: I talk a lot in this one. Again. I know…the podcast interview is with ME, and the whole point is for ME to talk, and it’s better that I’m a guest who talks than one who doesn’t…but I still feel like a HUGE blabbermouth every time I finish one of these things. I promise, I will make a concerted effort in the future to let me host get a word in edgewise. Thankfully, I think Justin still loves me. 🙂

Also, check out Justin’s fabulous new book, A Minor Magic, here!