Pick A Letter, Any Letter


Google Alerts sent me to this really great review of The Wonderland Alphabet over at GEEKS OF DOOM.

The review is gushing…which is ALWAYS nice…but the reviewer chooses J as her favorite poem. Which is funny, because when I first wrote the poetry for Janet’s art show, J was my favorite too.

I do not fear the ticking clock
But lo, I fear the Jabberwock
I keep my vorpal blade at hand,

 To slay the scourge of Wonderland.

Now, I’m torn between A…and M…and all the other letters too. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite.

I’ve definitely memorized them both — as well as J. My goal is to memorize ALL OF THEM, and then randomly going around conventions quoting myself with INCREDIBLE PRETENTIOUSNESS. *glee*

Do you have a favorite poem from The Wonderland Alphabet?