Happy Birthday, Teen Me!

What would all you thirty-somethings LOVE to do for your birthday? Write a letter to your 16 year old self, of course! What warnings would you give? What kudos would you reveal?

And–most importantly–how on earth would you write it so that you would believe it was really you?

I accepted this challenge and the invitation to appear this AWESOME BIRTHDAY MORNING on Dear Teen Me, a fabulous website where authors of YA fiction get to write letters to themselves as teens and post them for all the world to see.

If you don’t know about this site, you should. If you don’t know about me 20 years ago and you’re dying to find out, click here. Be sure to leave a comment, IT’S LIKE SIGNING MY YEARBOOK!

And there are pictures. Did I mention the pictures? Oh, yes. Why did we ever wear glasses that big?

Much love and many hugs to you all — I’ll be back later after writing to update you on further adventures from PRINCESS ALETHEA’S MAGICAL 2012 BIRTHDAY!