Some SCARY Book Reviews

Two great new reviews for AlphaOops: H is for Halloween from two exceptionally fun (and Halloween appropriate!) review sites — The Monster Librarian and Kinderscares. Got a budding slasher-film director in your progeny? Well, Mom and Dad, these are the sites for you!

*From The Monster Librarian: AlphaOops goes a step beyond the typical letter representing a word in that the letters themselves have been given some personality.  AlphaOops: H is for Halloween has catapulted itself up to a must have for any school library or public library’s children’s section and would make a great addition to any display. (Read the rest of the review here)

*From Kinderscares: With something spooky-themed for each letter of the disordered alphabet, this books really keeps you guessing by throwing in some unexpected Halloween words (I’m sorry – kraken and lycanthrope in the same children’s book? I hereby crown you KING OF THE ALPHABET BOOKS!). (Read the rest of the review here)

My hat’s off to both of those sites — I encourage you all to go click through and surf around a bit. Enjoy!