Six Degree of Exasperation

This is all the fault of Mark Rainey He tagged me to do one of those “six random things about you” posts. I’m only doing it because six is brief. And I love Mark. Go buy one of his books.

1. My favorite tea is Red Rose Tea. It’s what my Greek grandmother drinks.
2. One of my goals in life is to put a prism in every window of my house. I like rainbows.
3. My French grandmother used to be a singer. I grew up humming lots of the Rosemary Clooney classics. This one in particular.
4. My altar at work now includes: David Tennant action figure, Ratbert, Kitti and her daughter, rose quartz, Buddha, the Eiffel tower, shoes from Amsterdam, a trolley from San Francisco, and a fortune from the Musee Mechanique.

5. Yes, Kelli Dunlap, Lauren David and I went geocaching with Mark Rainey last summer and were stopped by the police.

6. I originally posted this and forgot Number Six.