Waterworld Mermaid Day

The Little MermaidYes, boys and girls, it’s a brand new month — that time when Princess Alethea is swimming with the Waterworld Mermaids.

Today in the lagoon I’m discussing Jude Deveraux, fairy tales, and things that happen in life that are, literally, stranger than fiction.

Have you ever said to someone, “Man, you can’t write this stuff.” Well…I happen to subscribe to that theory.

Come on over and share your experiences!

And Happy May Day to you all! xox

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Happy 2013!

The Little MermaidHappy New Year, everyone!

I wrote up today’s inspirational post and left it over in the Waterworld Mermaid Lagoon. You’ll have to click over there to see what it’s all about! (Especially if you’re a writer.)

In the meantime, I’m going to get some sleep so I’m all bright and chipper tomorrow for Aunt Theda’s Annual Loukoumathes Party!

You’re going to SO wish you were me right around 3pm this afternoon…

Have a great day, everyone! Start filling this world with wonderful things! xox

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Santa is my Guy

The Waterworld Mermaids have a special feature we call “Guy Day.” This month for Guy Day I’m interviewing the one…the only…SANTA CLAUS.

Please stop by and tell the jolly old man what you’d like in your stocking!

(Featuring holiday art by Carol Berning)

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Killing Them Softly

I’m discussing the Killing of Darlings today over at the Waterworld Mermaid site.

“So…I didn’t end up completing NaNoWriMo. Again. And let’s be honest–I didn’t really try. I finished my third pass of revisions by November 10th or so, but sometimes a body just gets SO EXHAUSTED that it’s like getting the flu. Everything shuts down, emotionally and physically, and you can barely get out of bed. The worst part is, we somehow have to find a way to let our bodies do this, and heal.

Thank the Water Gods for Netflix.

I love watching full seasons of TV shows at a time. They’re fun and pass the time…but it’s difficult to see ten of them and not have the writer brain consider dialogue, pacing, and plot structure. This month, I’ve learned quite a bit from two shows: How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy…”

Check out the rest of the post HERE.

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Busy Blood Moon

Hello, my lovelies!

Returned from Baltimore Book Fest , wet and not unscathed — darn cold fingers and steel corset snaps! Pictures will be up…soonish (and not of the thumb injury, because I will not have you guys all freaking out on me again. Suffice it to say it’s bad).

Came home to exhaustion and HERO’s edit letter, which looks to be three pages of NO SMALL FEATS in which I turn a pretty good manuscript into a REALLY FREAKING AWESOME BOOK.

I have a week in which to do this. Then it’s off to NY Comicon (will post schedule later, but for now you can always find me at Janet Lee’s table in Artists Alley!) and the meeting with said editor in which I get to confess all my sins if I don’t have that rewrite turned in tout suite.

Then it’s a week off (with more edits…this work takes a LONG time) before the Waterworld Mermaids Writing Retreat, in which I plan on being mostly incommunicado while I 1.) Finish HERO, 2.) finish TRIXTER, and possibly even 3.) Catch Up On Some Things. We’ll see.

Unfortunately, this blog is probably not going to be one of those things…so do find me on Facebook or Twitter (Mom, you can still watch the Twitter feed from the blog page without having to sign up).

If you’re looking for something to do, I encourage you to check out the Waterworld Mermaids this month — they’re posting ghost stories for the entire month of October while they get ready for Halloween. (Trust me, I am SO BUMMED I didn’t get to take part in this.)

Avery put together this SUPER SPOOKY trailer to get you in the mood for The Ghost of Mermaid Lagoon. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to stock up on your All Hallows Reads for the kiddies! You can still get AlphaOops: H Is for Halloween: Midi Edition for only $7.99 at Amazon! (Be sure to use that affiliate link when ordering.)

Have fun this Fall, everyone — enjoy the weather, and I’ll catch you on the flip side! xox

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How to Cheat off Your Own Paper

I’m over at the Waterworld Mermaids today, writing about Self-Plagiarism.

“One of the questions a writer is most-often asked is whether they are a “Plotter” or a “Pantser.” We’ve talked about it here on the Waterworld Mermaids a few times. Do you painstakingly outline things, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and just write like the wind?

I tell people I’m a Plotter, only because the NaNoWriMo goal continues to elude me. The most I’ve ever been able to write in a month is around 36,000 words. Folks who can “Fast Draft” and do something like 50,000 words in a weekend completely blow my mind…”

Read more and leave a comment here!

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Waterworld Mermaid Day

Today’s my day to post over at the Waterworld Mermaids.

What I’m talking about today is my response to YA author Brigid Kemmerer’s “How long does it take to get published” post from her blog.

Click the link to check out Brigid’s two cents…and then click here to pop on over to the Waterworld Mermaids site and help me out with my own dilemma.

Have a great day! xox

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The Adventures of Supermermaid #1

Today is my blog day over at the Waterworld Mermaids, and I’m talking about my very first experience behind a table at a comic book convention–at HeroesCon just this past weekend!

I am a comic book geek, dyed in the wool from the tender age when I could lift my first Archie Comics Digest. Casey and I loved Elfquest in middle school. I moved on to Arkham Asylum and the X-Men Phoenix Saga and John Byrne’s Next Men when I was a teen. In college, my boyfriend gave me a graphic novel by that guy Tori Amos was always writing into her songs–at my first Dragon*Con, Charles Vess drew the Sandman in silver paint pen inside my first edition hardcover of The Wake. It’s one of my most prized possessions.

I’ve been to comic book conventions before, spoken to artists and authors, found new things and scavenger hunted for signatures. But this past weekend at HeroesCon 2012 was my very first time BEHIND A TABLE…


Want to read more? Click here!

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Talking Sex with the Mermaids

That’s right–you heard me. Today over at the Waterworld Mermaids, I’m talking Team Edward vs. Team Jacob and that ever-popular topic: Sex in YA.

Intrigued? I know you are.

You also know I really disliked Twilight. And what does all this have to do with Enchanted?

Pop on over, check out the post, and join the conversation!

(Turning off Comments here.)

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I Am Team Katniss

My mini-rant on WaterWorld Mermaids today:

“What the Hunger Games is NOT, is a trilogy of romance novels. Sure, there are romantic elements in it, but there are more romantic elements in Castle, and that still qualifies as a Crime Drama. The Hunger Games is dystopian science fiction fantasy. Horror, even. It’s a story of surviving your teenage years–which the majority of us seemed to manage without 23 other people desperately trying to kill us (despite how it felt sometimes).”

Read more and comment HERE.


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