Blue Hair and Brave Tailors

A new Fairy Tale Rant went live today…in which Princess Alethea debuted her New Blue Hair!

Check it out (and hear about “The Brave Little Tailor”) — enjoy and share!

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Princess Alethea Rants: “Fitcher’s Bird”

Interesting data point: This week’s fairy tale rant video is 9 minutes long as opposed to the typical 5 minutes. I still keep the rant to about 5 minutes, but then there is a brief explanation of how my short story “Blood From Stone” incorporates both this fairy tale as well as the historical real-life of serial killer Gilles de Rais.

Most of my fairy tale videos have 60-100 views. This video has TWELVE.

Looks like size does matter. Even on YouTube.

As always, share and enjoy! xox

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In Which Princess Alethea Does Her Hair

…for those who might have missed it last night. And Mom.

(Love you, Mom! xox)

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Nine Minutes of Awesome

Hey, Mom–

I know you couldn’t be in NY for my Books of Wonder panel on Wednesday, but THAT’S OKAY, because one of my lovely new friends from MISTI-Con was brilliant enough to record me introducing myself, my love of fairy tales, and my summary of Enchanted.

It’s nine minutes of Princess Alethea Awesomeness! (And for something I threw together off the cuff, pretty coherent, if I do say so myself.) Enjoy! xox

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Enchanted Banter

A lovely YouTube review for Enchanted from Bookshelf Banter!

Kallie’s running an Enchanted ARC giveaway on her site that ENDS TODAY, so if you want a piece of the action you better get your bootie on over there to enter!

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All Things “If”

A while back, I was contacted by Susan Bertram from because I had mentioned in a blog post that Rudyard Kipling’s “If” was one of my favorite poems of all time.

The poem was quoted in “See How They Run,” a British farce we performed at Spring Valley High School. My French Grandmother had a set of Rudyard Kipling’s complete works at her house (that I later inherited), so when we visited that summer, I memorized it.

The blog post Susan referred to, however, was published in 2009. Instead of editing that post and linking to THEN, I figured it would be much more fun to talk about them NOW.

And since I was already dressed up as a princess, I recited the poem for you LIVE.

To find out more about Rudyard Kipling and All Things If, please visit


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Lunch Money @ CCPL

If you have children and don’t know about the band Lunch Money, you should really get on that.

Here’s a video I took of Lunch Money performing “Going to the Library” at the Charleston Public Library on May 30th. It was so awesome to finally see them play LIVE!!

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Treasures Abound!

I’m over at Treasured Tales for Young Adults again today–wait, did I ever leave? Maybe I’ve been lurking in the corners all this time! You never know!

We magical princesses are like that.

Today is special, however, because Alishia is posting another EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE from Enchanted, read by yours truly, all dressed up, on YouTube.

What are you waiting for?? CLICK HERE NOW.

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I am video chatting today, at 2pm EST, with fellow Mermaids Avery Flynn and Robin Covington. Go here:

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Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow Video!

Many many MANY thanks to Jean-Marie Ward (jmward14 on YouTube), who filmed and edited this video of Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow at Dragon*Con this year!

There was unfortunately no video of my reading, but you get to see my intro, Leanna Renee Hieber’s FANTASTIC reading, Gray Rinehart’s HILARIOUS song, and Danielle Friedman’s MESMERIZING dance performance. (You guys get enough of me as it is, right?)

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