Storm Chasing Playlist Now on Spotify!

"Chasing Tornadoes" Spotify Playlist

It’s going to be a long drive out to Tornado Alley — Chris and I are definitely going to need some tunes to keep us company on the road and whet our appetite for the stormy weather to come!

I reached out on Social Media…and the world has responded! (I expect the FB thread to go on for days…or weeks…) I know I’m still adding songs as I think of them.

Best of all–the playlist is available to everyone! Just follow this link, and you can ride along with us!

And for those folks who want to play the “Where in the US is Princess Alethea?” home game, bookmark this link:

We will have our beacon active while we’re chasing, so you can follow along!

This Toriphile will be Chasing Tornadoes veeeery soon!


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It was the first Tori Amos concert I’ve ever been to that I didn’t know all the songs.

That was weird.

Inevitably, though, there was one song she sang that I didn’t realize I needed to hear until the lyrics gave me goosebumps. “Winter” is a good song, but it probably wouldn’t be on my Top 20 list of Tori Favorites.

But it was these lines that chilled me to the bone:

“Years go by and I’m here still waiting
Withering where some snowman was
Mirror mirror where’s the crystal palace
But I only can see myself
Skating around the truth who I am
But I know dad the ice is getting thin…”

Funny, I’ve always thought it was “With a ring where some snowman was.” That makes more sense to me. As a girl named Truth, it makes a lot of sense, really. Especially woven into the fairy tale imagery.

Here’s a video of the song from the 12/5 show. (Man, I remember a time when hunting down $50 bootleg of a Tori show was an adventure…)

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