The Secret’s Out!

Yes, sirree — I have TWO books coming out this year. Right around the same time Enchanted releases, THE WONDERLAND ALPHABET: Alice’s Adventures through the ABCs and What She Found There will hit bookstores and comic book shops all around the world.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally talk about this project! It’s not the first collaboration I’ve done with my dear friend Janet K. Lee, but it’s the first to be released by a major publisher (Archaia), and the first since Janet & Jim’s Eisner award win last year for Return of the Dapper Men!

The format is an affordable (less than $12!), oversized board book that will appeal to both adults and children alike. We’ve honored each letter of the alphabet (in order this time) by gracing it with a rhyming verse about a particular element from Alice in Wonderland and/or Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking Glass (and What She Found There).

I could tell you more about the origin of this very special project, but why don’t you read about it from Janet herself? She sprung the news to Comic Book Resources in this exclusive interview. You can also get a sneak peek at several of the gorgeous pages.

Fair warning — I’m telling you right now that this book is going to sell out its first printing almost immediately, so be sure to preorder your copy now.  (The cover for the book is pictured here — the one on Amazon was just a placeholder. They’re working on fixing that.)

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to going on book tour and signing TWO BOOKS instead of one!!!

I am the luckiest princess in the world, I tell you. *happy dance*

(Oh, yeah. Me and the alphabet…we’re like *this.*)

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Spilling Some Ink

After their Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within giveaway, I was asked to do a lovely guest interview over at The Qwillery. I was given some great questions, and I had a chance to open up and answer them from the bottom of my heart.

I was so far down in the bottom of my heart, in fact, that I might have spilled a few beans while I was spilling some virtual ink. If you’re the curious type, I highly suggest you click on over here and read the interview. But save your kudos for the party!

While you’re over there, leave a comment — what’s your favorite Halloween candy? — and enter to win a copy of AlphaOops: H is for Halloween! I remember my favorites back in the day — when we dumped out our bags and saw those big, huge, orange-packaged Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I’m not sure what my favorites would be now…

If you’re happy to wait a spell, my fantabulous news will arrive in a week or so. Possibly less. Just hold on to that confetti and keep checking back!

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