App Annoyances While Adventuring

Getting my iPhone was a huge technological leap that aided my presence on social networks and the intarwebs in general. One of the great things I had come to rely on while on the road was the WordPress app, from which I could moderate my blog comments, make posts, even include pictures.

I use the past tense, because I haven’t been able to make the WordPress app on my phone work for several months now. It crashes every time I try to sign in. I’ve sent crash reports, I’ve deleted it and added it again, I’ve written bad reviews and posted them on the app along with all the other people who can’t seem to sign in. It’s considerably annoying.

Does WordPress really not care about fixing this? Anybody have any other ideas about what I can do?

In the meantime, I’m still on Twitter while on the road (crossposting to Facebook), though I may be looking for a different app than TweetDeck in the near future as well. *sigh*

Aren’t we a bunch of spoiled children?

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I figured it out — once someone takes a pic in Photo Booth, they need to then select “Flip” from the selection screen while still in Photo Booth. Otherwise, short of Photoshop, one might drive oneself mad. (The best of us are.)

This is what the picture SHOULD look like:

Click on the picture if you’re interested in RSVPing to the Facebook Event that Team Princess set up as a reminder (and for maximum sharing and linking possibilities).

I may try to do a video blog about the contest tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to do a video blog. Let’s see what this little iBook can do, shall we?

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B&D Available on Smashwords

You kids and your newfangled contraptions…

Thanks to a dutiful Google Alert, I am happy to report that Beauty & Dynamite is available on Smashwords. Check it out here — it lets you read the first bunch of pages for free (score!), but you have to pay (thank you) a mere $2.99 to read the rest. No fancy reader needed; it will display right on your desktop. Voila. Magic.

Looks like you can pick up Harlan County Horrors as well. What a bargain!

(okay…does one “pick up” a book if one downloads the electronic format? Grumblegrumble whippersnappers.)

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It’s Not Rocket Science

For everybody except the 38 people who’ve found me there in the last 24 hours: yes. I am now officially on Twitter.

I flirted with the username UnicornPrincess, but figured it would probably be best to just use plain old AletheaKontis. Plus, you know, people might actually be able to find me.

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Internet Savvy: Book Launch 2.0

This is so painfully true…and scares me a bit. No one’s allowed to be “just an author” anymore. And he doesn’t even talk about writers groups, or message boards, or conventions…and you know, I don’t ever want to have to be a member of Second Life. I’m really okay with the one I’ve got.

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Look, Ma!

Well lookie here. I’m on LJ.

Now we find out how a technoidiot does at keeping 3 blogs at once…


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