School Library Journal Loves HERO

It’s odd for a major review like this to appear so long after the book’s release…but better late than never! Also, I wholeheartedly support comparisons to the TV show Once Upon a Time.

Some of us little people should benefit from The Giant Hammer of Disney, right?


Hero, October 1, 2013KONTIS, Alethea. Hero. Bk. 2. 304p. (Woodcutter Sisters Series). Houghton Harcourt. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780544056770. LC 2013003895.

Gr 6 Up–This sequel to Enchanted (Houghton Harcourt, 2012) follows a different sister in the Woodcutter family. Saturday seems to have no magical talents of her own, but instead relies on an enchanted sword given to her as a gift. Shortly after the novel begins, her “cousin-brother,” Trix, runs away from home when he receives bad news about his biological mother. Saturday vows to bring him back. The heroine and her mother set sail with Thursday, the pirate sister. While onboard, Saturday is captured by an enormous bird and taken to a cave on the highest mountaintop where an evil witch resides. There, the teen meets Peregrine of Starburn, who was cursed and forced to pretend to be the witch’s daughter, and his companion Betwixt, a chimera. Saturday, Peregrine, and Betwixt undertake a fast-paced adventure to keep the witch from casting a spell that will open a portal to the demon realm and destroy their world. Fans of the television show Once Upon a Time will definitely enjoy this fractured fairy tale that references many well-known stories.

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Enchanted Banter

A lovely YouTube review for Enchanted from Bookshelf Banter!

Kallie’s running an Enchanted ARC giveaway on her site that ENDS TODAY, so if you want a piece of the action you better get your bootie on over there to enter!

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WhatchYA Talkin’ Bout?

Back on May 9th, Caitlin and Christine from whatchYAreading had a discussion amongst themselves about their thoughts and reactions to Enchanted.

Today, the whatchYAreading blog is posting their official review of the book.

Do they still love it as much as they did a couple of weeks ago?

Let’s click over and see! xox

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Fragments of a Princess

Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this blog tour date to come around for a while…and today it’s here!

Today and tomorrow, May 17th and 18th, I am staying over at the Fragments of Life blog, hosted by my lovely friend Precious from the Philippines!

On May 17th (today), Precious will be reviewing Enchanted, and then on May 18th (tomorrow), she will be featuring an EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE read by yours truly, dressed in costume, on YouTube.

Click over today (and definitely tomorrow) to celebrate my international slumber party!

*throws pillow*

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Princess for Your Thoughts

The ever-lovely Soumi (who is quickly becoming one of my best blogger-friends) has posted her review of Enchanted, as well as her interview with my up at her Pages from my Thoughts blog.

“Reading the book felt like living a magical dream. I was completely bewitched by this enthralling fantasy that transitions well from light humorous moments to moments of dark magic. I was amazed to see how richly imaginative this fantasy world is, as well as its characters.”

I am SO honored. Check out what the rest of Soumi has to say in her review here.

And then read our very fun exclusive interview here.

Thank you, Soumi!


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Best Quote Ever!

“Enchanted is like a fairy tale collection came in and threw up all over the place.” –Melanie Foust

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