Friday Bonus!

Happy Friday, everyone!

A special bonus for you folks today (and for Mom, in case she doesn’t see this until Saturday) — I have been asked to do some narration for Cast of Wonders!

So, from time to time, you’ll be able to pop on and hear me read a fabulous young adult fantasy story handpicked by some very fine people. (Maybe even some of my own–hint, hint!) I’ll be sure to let you know when they go live.

Like…now! Listen to me read “Ieia” by S.L. Bickley HERE!

I had a lot of fun with this piece — tried a new setup, and realized upon listening some things that worked and things that didn’t…but overall I think it is a successful piece. (It was also a very quick turnaround, so I didn’t have the luxury of going back and recording the whole thing again.)

We’re moving to a new apartment next month, and I already have a space picked out in our walk-in closet to have a little table where I can create a small space just for podcasting. I’m so excited!

And yes…hopefully this will ultimately mean more episodes of PRINCESS ALETHEA’S FAIRY TALE THEATRE!

It’s all very exciting. xox

(PS — And tell me…is it just me, or does sometimes my recorded voice sound like Morena Baccarin?)


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“Small Magics” Available at Cast of Wonders

“Small Magics”, one of the very first short stories I ever wrote (and published), is now available on audio through Cast of Wonders. narrator is the wonderful Danielle Daly.

Listen here:

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The Pros and Cons of Princesshood

Musician Jonah Knight and I met at this year’s Mysticon in Roanoke. I immediately fell in love with Jonah after finding out that he wrote a musical score for James Maxey’s novel Nobody Gets the Girl. Jonah reciprocated this awkward affection by offering me a feature spot on his “Pros & Cons” podcast with Mikey Mason.

“Pros & Cons” discusses topics specifically related to and concerning conventions in particular, so our conversation sticks to the topic of marketing and self-promotion within convention appearances. I say “conversation” lightly, since I feel like  talked WAY TOO FREAKING MUCH during this podcast. Only…I guess that’s the point, right?

And I suppose I didn’t do too badly, since Jonah called this week’s episode one of his favorite so far. SCORE!

Will it be your favorite too? Click here to have a listen. Enjoy!

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Happy Christmas Workshop Episode 43

In the midst of the traveling and the three Christmasses I didn’t have the chance to post about this yesterday — part two of the fabulous Roundtable Podcast that started with the 20-minute interview. Now, we get into the much longer, nitty-gritty of live-workshopping a fellow author’s work in progress…


Alethea Kontis – author of the award-winning “Enchanted“, “The Wonderland Alphabet“, The “Alpha-Oops” series, and so much more – returns to the Big Chair to help workshop a rich luxurious story idea offered up by podcaster, voice actor, authoress (and so much more), Lauren “Scribe” Harris. With Justin Macumber as guest co-host (author of “Haywire” and “A Minor Magic“, founder and co-host of the Dead Robots’s Society podcast, and co-host on the Hollywood Outsiders podcast), we dive in to a delightful frothy discussion, inspirations bouncing around like pixies on egg nog, taking Lauren’s already fabulous idea and festooning it liberally in Literary Gold. (and for more writerly delights, make sure you check out Alethea’s Showcase Episode!)

Listen to the workshop podcast here!

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Once and Future Princess

This week I had the privilege of being featured on my good friend Anton Strout’s “The Once and Future Podcast.” We got very writerly in our discussion — folks looking to hear about the struggles of writing life…and writing sequels…and writing under stress…and writing while over committed…will LOVE this one.

Just click on the image below!

This week I talk with author Alethea Kontis about her latest young adult book Enchanted, Alpha-Oops!, Dragon Con, fangirlism, Mad Scientist Garden Gnomes, fairy tales, how we hate THE MUSE, and just how hard it is out there for Disney’s lost princess!


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The Princess Pendragon

This week, Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre makes a guest appearance on the genre ladies podcast Pendragon Variety (Episode 32). The tale they’ve chosen to feature as an Editor Favorite is “The Giant & the Tailor.”

I must say these ladies and their tales amuse me greatly. This particular podcast starts out with a pretty fabulous “That’s what she said” moment. I am honored to be in their esteemed company!

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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 20

Episode 20: “Mother Hulda” (7:18)

Mother Hulda, or Frau Holle, is possibly the goddess of Hell, a goddess of marriage, and/or goddess of the weather. Prompted by a footnote in my book, I looked up Mother Hulde on Wikipedia:

The legend itself, as it was eventually passed to the Grimm Brothers, originates from oral traditions in Central Germany in what is now known as Hesse. It was told to them by Henriette Dorothea Wild (whom Wilhelm Grimm married in 1825) with more details added in the second edition (1819). It is still common expression in Hesse to say “Hulda is making her bed” when it is snowing, that is, she shakes her bed and out comes snow from heaven!

The dog days of summer are always a great time to think of snow. Shake it, Mother Hulda!



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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 19

Episode 19: “The Three Spinners” (6:11)

I’d almost say this tale was a retelling, if I hadn’t read it from The Brothers Grimm with my own eyes. “The Three Spinners” is a…well..spin on “Rumplestiltskin,” starring a girl as clever as she is lazy.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I have a feeling that my romance writer friends are going to *love* this twist.

Check out Princess Alethea’s YouTube Rant about this fairy tale HERE.



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Princess Elsewhere

Today’s my day to blog over at Waterworld Mermaids — the topic is dialogue. If you have the time and inclination, please hop on over and share whatever insight you have!


Also, my post-apocalyptic dystopian SF story “The Unicorn Tree” has been podcasted over at Cast of Wonders. The story was originally published in the Zero Gravity anthology from Pill Hill Press in Summer 2010.

It’s narrated by the fabulous Margeurite Kenner. By day, Margeurite is an executive admin. for a large intellectual property law firm. By night, she’s an avenging hero with superpowers such as rock climbing, aikido, music (she is a classical percussionist), gaming, sewing costumes, and reading anything and everything. You can find out what’s on her mind at

And yes, before any of you ask…I am Katie. Very, very much so.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 17

Episode 17: “The White Snake” (9:35)

Whenever I read this type of story I always wonder who it was that first ate a white snake and realized he could suddenly hear animals speak. For that matter, I would love to see a fairy tale version of Chopped. “In your entree basket: “Whole duck, leg of Horse, White Snake, and an apple from the Tree of Life. You have thirty minutes. Time starts…now!” Can you imagine what magical powers that dish would have? Wow!

(Production note: You might notice a very loud bird that did not have the courtesy to shut up while I was recording this episode. I let it be…I felt a chirping bird was rather appropriate for a story about a man given the power to talk to animals.)


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