Princess of Niagara, Part Deux

…and then there was this.

Brethtaking Rainbow, Niagara Falls

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The Greatest Story

In an effort to spend more time on Tumblr, I have discovered (thanks to Alma Katsu’s social media roundup) some fabulous quote-making websites…and I’m having a blast.

The Greatest Story

Yeah, yeah…I know…now I have to go back to WRITING NOVELS…

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Rainbow Sun

I meant to post this the other day, when I accompanied FGB into DC to help him with some work. I was looking out the window for a street sign and the sky took my breath away. There was a full, perfect rainbow all around the sun.

Rainbow Sun

I thought this a fitting magical image with which to wish my father a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

Love you, Dad. xox

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Dragon*Con 2012 Pics

UPDATED: I have stolen the Fairy Godboyfriend’s photos, and Bryonna’s, Samantha’s, Kat’s…and everyone else’s as well. Thank you!

Here is the complete Dragon*Con photo journal. Just click the photo to get to the album.

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Enchanted at the Olympics

It needed to happen. And I’m so very happy that it did.

Cheers, Heather!

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Blast from Dragon*Con Past

My friend Marisol recently sent me a few pictures she had taken at Dragon*Con last year, including this one of me right before the Hour with Sherrilyn Kenyon panel, showing off my lovely new green corset and the gorgeous cover to my new novel.

I’ve been going to Dragon*Con since 1996. THIS YEAR, 2012, is the first year I will be attending AS A PUBLISHED NOVELIST.

I honestly can’t tell you what this means to me. I am SO EXCITED about this year.

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Happy August!

I would like you to have this elephant.

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The Tour So Far, In Pictures

An incredibly grand photo essay of my adventures so far!

Do check back — I will be updating the album with my stops in GA and TN before I head home!

Just click on the photo to head to the Picasa Album. xox

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ENCHANTED Book Signing Pics (Dulles)

Some GREAT pics from the book signing last night, courtesy of my fellow mermaid and lovely assistant, Carlene Love Flores (and super-salesman, Aidan)! There were bubbles and little girls and fairy wands galore! Check out the rest of the album here.

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A Very Important Message From Princess Erin

I had to post this, due to excessive cuteness.

Love you, Erin! xox


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