The Princess Pendragon

This week, Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre makes a guest appearance on the genre ladies podcast Pendragon Variety (Episode 32). The tale they’ve chosen to feature as an Editor Favorite is “The Giant & the Tailor.”

I must say these ladies and their tales amuse me greatly. This particular podcast starts out with a pretty fabulous “That’s what she said” moment. I am honored to be in their esteemed company!

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While You’re Listening…

…I’ll add a bit more to your podcasty day.

There’s a great interview on Pendragon Variety on writing and editing and sundries with my good friend Edmund Schubert, writer and editor of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. I highly recommend it. There are some good things in here. Plus, Edmund has a GREAT speaking voice. Hearing it just made me miss him all over again.

My favorite line: “The extent of my qualifications was that I was willing to give it a try.”

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