Shroud Halloween Issue Still Available

Maybe you missed it last year. Or you didn’t happen to love me then as much as you do now. Whatever the reason, IT’S OKAY. You can still purchase the special Shroud Halloween Issue guest edited by Kevin Lucia.

This issue has my story “Red Lantern” in it, which is…not so much a retelling; more of an homage…to the Jack O’ Lantern myth.

I promise, it has nothing to do with DC Comics. When an author comes across the perfect title, geek or not, she just can’t pass it up.

Wanna see how perfect a title it is? Purchase the Shroud Halloween special issue (only $7.99!) and see for yourself.

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Just in case you’ve somehow magically missed it being posted by Kevin Lucia, Rio Youers, Kelli Owen, Bob Ford, or anyone else connected with this pretty amazing special Halloween issue, here it is in all its glory — the cover for Shroud issue #10.

As always, hats off to the fabulous and infamous Steven C. Gilberts. Because seriously….CLOCKWORK PUMPKIN MEN. Need I say more?

I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on a copy. Click here to preorder your very own issue directly from Shroud.

And remember, it’s almost Christmas… Click here to browse through the Peculiar Art Shoppe of Steven C. Gilberts.

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Shroud Issue #10 ToC

Danny Evarts just posted the Shroud #10 Table of Contents — the special Halloween Issue guest edited by Kevin Lucia. The cover art (and sidebar) are by the always-fabulous Stephen Gilberts. Contributors include: Bob Ford, Kelli Owen, Maurice Broaddus, Rio Youers, Brian J. Hatcher, and MOI. Woooooohooooo! (I mean that in both the excited and spooky way.)

As the comic book geeks have probably noticed: yes, my story really is called “Red Lantern.”  There’s a great origin behind this one that I’ll post a little closer to publication date. But I promise…once you know what the story’s about, you’ll realize that there could not be a more perfect title.

Happy [early] Halloween!

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