HERO on the Web Today

This weekend’s launch was FABULOUS…pics to come soon!

In the meantime, I’ve got some GREAT stuff out there on ye olde intarwebs today:

Carrie S. reviewed HERO for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. The book received a hard-earned B+ from this exceptionally tough review site, and I’m honored! Click on over to see if you agree with her assessment.


I Smell Sheep is hosting an exceptionally fun character interview with Saturday Woodcutter. I had so much fun doing a character interview with Sunday last year, that I really wanted to do it again, and Sharon was all too happy to host my “punch first and ask questions later” heroine. Click here for much amusement.


Also falling under the category of “things that will make you laugh on a Monday”, I wrote a craft piece for the RWA’s Future, Fantasy & Paranormal blog about how dating some really big jerk helped me learn how to become a better writer…by stealing. Click here to read “Queen of Thieves.”


And there’s more…on the way soon! xox

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Do You Smell Something?

Yes…that’s definitely sheep!

I was invited to hang out with Shepardess Extraordinaire Sharon Stogner over at the I Smell Sheep blog. Sharon and I had a very fun interview that was more of a chat…we went back and forth a few times, and I won some major geekness points along the way.

Click on over, if only to check out a very fun, slightly more “organic” was of doing a traditional interview. WARNING: THERE WILL BE GEEKNESS. 

Thank you, Sharon! xox


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