HAVEN, KANSAS–99c until Halloween!

Due to the overwhelming success of this weekend’s Bookbub feature, HAVEN, KANSAS will remain 99c across all e-Book platforms until Halloween! So be sure to share and get your scare on!

HAVEN cover with cool background

Purchase your copy for just $.99 now on KindleKoboiBooks, or Nook!

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Princesses and Unicorns

Yes, I’m being silly and trying to review/revise and entire manuscript in just a few days so I can send it off to my editor before the WRW retreat this weekend. (More like the Sherrilyn Kenyon signing in Alexandria on Thursday, actually.)

So only a brief blog from me this morning before I shower and get to work.

In the meantime, check out this really cool article about Unicorns and the Unicorn Tapestries over at Fantasy Magazine.

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You Guys ROCK.

Dude, I went to bed thinking I’d be lucky if one or two people responded to lay eyes on this manuscript real quick. By the time I woke up this morning I had been contacted by TEN PEOPLE, and more have been flooding in who missed last night’s window.

I am humbled at this outpouring of generosity. You guys are amazing. A girl likes knowing that she has friends she can count on.

I am emailing everyone RIGHT NOW. I’ll send the manuscript to the first four people who contacted me — that should be enough for the first pass. I will definitely let you know when I need more eyes.

Thank you again, you guys. This is wonderful. xox

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Just Can’t Help Myself

I was only going to edit one chapter tonight, but everybody went to bed and I just couldn’t stop. Finally, after far too long a time, I am finished with what feels like the umpteenth revision of HAVEN, my YA paranormal/horror novel.

It’s 70K words, and I’m looking for some pre-readers who can get back to me fairly quickly. It’s certainly appropriate for Halloween — if you’ve got the time, please drop me an email and I’ll send it over. If you’ve never emailed me before, just use the email contact icon in the upper right-hand corner of my website. (That way it won’t get caught in spam.)


(I should probably go to bed now…)

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