Princess MOI, Down & Dirty on Happy Ever After!


It’s been too long since I joined forces with my dear friend Joyce Lamb at USA Today’s Happy Ever After. So when she asked a bunch of us to contribute to the HEA Valentine’s Day Feature Post, our subsequent emails led to  Joyce saying, “You’ve got a new book coming out? Well, let’s get Down & Dirty!”

TODAY (because we waste no time around these parts), my Down & Dirty interview is live on the HEA site.

This was one of those really fun interviews to do. Not because the answers lent themselves to being so short, but because thinking about them at all made for a really fun time. And as someone who has been on the asking end of as least as many interview questions I’ve answered, I can tell you that an interview where the subject has FUN is one that is definitely worth reading.

Here’s hoping that my Down & Dirty answers are a bright spot to your day today!



Simi Lee

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In Which Alethea Interviews Sharon Shinn for USA Today

I am happy and honored today for two reasons: 1.) that I have the opportunity to interview one of my favorite authors, Sharon Shinn, and 2.) that I get to do it for USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog.

The graphic novel publisher First Second is announcing today a collaborative effort between Sharon Shinn and Molly Ostertag called The Painted Warrior (if you’re not familiar with Molly’s superhero webcomic  Strong Female Protagonist, I highly recommend you to check it out).

Needless to say, I am SUPER EXCITED about this graphic novel, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to ask Sharon a little bit about the project.

Click here to read the full interview!

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In Which Charlie Rules the World

Yes, I am a grown woman who sleeps with a teddy bear. In fact, that teddy bear is so famous, he’s in my professional author bio.

“Born in Burlington, Vermont, Alethea makes the best baklava you’ve ever tasted and sleeps with a teddy bear named Charlie.”

Today in USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog, Joyce Lamb interviewed a bunch of romance authors about their favorite childhood toys. I told her about Charlie and sent her a photo that I had taken during a photo shoot in Vermont with my niece Alexa.

Check it out — Charlie got TOP BILLING! In USA TODAY!
(And if you ever wanted to know Charlie’s full name, here’s your chance to find out…)

I am such a proud mama today. *beams*

Three cheers for Charlie!

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USA Today Interviews MOI!

In which Robin Covington interviews me for USA Today…today…and I discuss girl power, magic swans, and my undying love for Jude Deveraux.

Check it out here:

Release date is TOMORROW! You guys all have your copies of Hero preordered, right? RIGHT???

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Under the Influence

Tomorrow night is the SFWA Nebula Awards ceremony where the Andre Norton Award will be announced. Only half of the nominees are able to be present (six out of twelve is a pretty good turnout), but it’s definitely going to be a night for me…in particular…to remember.

For now, I have one last day of being the shiny, almost-got-it nominee…and I’m living it up in style.

I’m also talking about this experience–and my personal relationship to the Andre Norton Award on the USA Today’s Happy Ever After site today.

I encourage you all to check it out (if you haven’t already)…and keep your fingers crossed for me for tomorrow night!

Princess Alethea, from San Jose

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Princess Alethea’s Favorite Historical Romance Novels

Hi, everybody! *waves* Miss me?

Now that I’ve finished the first draft of Hero and sent it off, I am free to catch up on ALL THE THINGS, like the link to this article which appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog (like a month ago), in which I (and a bunch of other big famous authors) shared our favorite historical romance novels.

Better late than never, right? *snort*

Here’s the link. What are YOUR favorites?

One can never read enough GOOD historical romance novels.


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MoA&A Interview #18: Joyce Lamb

Hello, everyone! Welcome to July, and the Month of Artist and Author Interviews here on the website!

Today’s interview features one of the most fun women I’ve met this year: Joyce Lamb. You may know Joyce from USA Today’s “Happy Ever After” romance blog, or from her books that have garnered multiple RITA Award nominations (two this year!).

I had the pleasure of introducing Joyce at her panel for this year’s WRW Retreat, and in honor of her blog being called “Happy Ever After” in this, the the Year of the Fairy Tale, I took a chance and wrote her a fairy tale. (Friends told me she had a great sense of humor…which you’re about to experience.)

Thankfully, not only did she NOT send crows to peck out my liver, but she also added me to her roster of “author brains to pick for her articles” and agreed to contribute the following interview for this month’s celebration as well, for which I thank her so much.

Take it away, Joyce!


Author or Artist?

Who are your professional role models?
So many! Nora Roberts, of course. I learned a lot about writing by studying her romantic suspense, especially character development and the way she puts a story together. Dean Koontz, too. I love the way he writes dialogue. From Susan Elizabeth Phillips, I learned that humor doesn’t have to be slapstick to be really funny.

What’s your favorite writing/sketching weather?
Gloomy and rainy. If it’s sunny and beautiful outside, then I have a really hard time concentrating. Of course, I have a hard time concentrating even when it’s gloomy and rainy, because that’s also perfect couch potato weather. It’s a wonder I get any writing done!

Set your current playlist/musical device to “shuffle all” and hit PLAY. What’s the first song that comes up?
When You’re Young (Acoustic Version) by 3 Doors Down.

If you could win any award, which would it be?
I certainly wouldn’t mind winning a RITA! However, I’d love to win the Nobel Peace Prize, because that would mean I’d done something really, really wonderful for the world. I’m not that selfless, so it’s going to happen, but you did say ANY award, right? : )

Would you rather have magical powers, or a spaceship?
Magical powers, please. Space just looks dark and dangerous: I’ve seen the Alien movies. And, hey, if I had magical powers, couldn’t I zap myself into space any time I wanted? Not that I would … those Alien movies really made an impression.

What was your favorite book as a child?
Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever. I loved that book! Probably because of the variety of stories and the fact that it was nice and thick, so I never got bored. Yes, I still have a very short attention span. I love that book so much that after I wore it out as a kid, I bought it again as an adult.

What thing do you wish you could go back in time and tell your 10-year-old self?
Don’t take yourself so seriously. Seriously, Joyce, knock it off. And smile, damn it. And when it comes time to cut the green or blue wire, cut the green one.

What’s your favorite constellation?
Cassiopeia. It looks to me like a very excited stick figure running across the sky.

What’s your favorite fairy tale?
Beauty and the Beast. My favorite interpretation is A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I also really enjoy the Disney version.

What thing are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of my friendships. I have an incredible circle of friends from high school, another amazing circle of writer friends and yet another lovely group of friends I’ve made through my journalism career. I have a pretty cool family, too. : ) And lest you think I’m a horrible mother for not saying my kids are what I’m most proud of: I don’t have any!

The Colin Harvey Memorial Question: Name 3 things on your List of Things to Do Before You Die.
I suppose I should make that list, huh? Three things that would be on it: Live in a house on the beach, visit the Grand Canyon and learn to play piano.


Joyce’s Fairy Tale Bio, by Alethea Kontis: Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Joyce who loved tragedy so much that she tried to live a tragic life. So, naturally, she decided to write romance novels.

These novels went on to win multiple awards (like the Daphne and the HOLT Medallion). They finaled in Multiple RITAs (two this year!). She launched a blog for a certain little media outlet…and now everyone in the industry knows her name.

At the task of living tragically, Joyce Lamb FAILED MISERABLY. And so she was doomed to live, instead, Happy Ever After.

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